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Volunteering with Hospice of the Plains

Hospice volunteers play a vital role in the Hospice of the Plains organization. They’re able to keep patients company when family and friends cannot be there, help hospice care organizations with their administrative work, and much more!

If you’re thinking of volunteering for hospice, you may be unsure about what tasks you’ll be asked to do. Here a few of the many things that you may do as a Hospice of the Plains volunteer.

Hospice Friend Volunteers

Hospice Friend Volunteers spend their days with hospice patients. Volunteers travel to the place where the patient currently lives. This could be the patient’s home, a nursing home, or a long-term care facility. Volunteers do not provide any medical or hands-on care. They spend time with the patient, talking with them and keeping them company. Volunteers also often play the patient’s favorite games with them, like cards or chess. Volunteers may also talk with patients about current events if that’s something that the patient is interested in. Some of the other things Hospice Friend Volunteers do include:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Helping with simple chores around the house

  • Providing comfort and support

  • Helping the patient’s caregiver with their errands and other daily tasks

  • Informing hospice staff of the patients’ needs

Hospice Friend Volunteers provide a vital service for hospice patients. They’re able to give patients someone who will listen to their stories and talk with them. This type of volunteering is perfect for compassionate, empathetic people who want to help patients at the end of their lives.

Program Support Volunteers

Program Support Volunteers have just as important a role in the Hospice of the Plains organization as volunteers who work directly with patients. Program Support Volunteers do several different tasks in our local Hospice of the Plains offices. These tasks may include:

  • Preparing mailings and leaflets

  • Answering phone calls

  • Assisting with fundraising campaigns

  • Setting up and staffing booths at community outreach events

  • Helping with data entry and other clerical duties

If you have previously worked in an office, administrative volunteering would be a good choice for you. You’ll be able to use the skills you’ve learned in your previous jobs to help the hospice care organization with its day-to-day tasks. If you haven’t done any administrative work before, don’t worry—Hospice of the Plains will provide you with training before you begin. The most important thing is to be enthusiastic and excited about helping the hospice care organization with its community outreach and administrative tasks.

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